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NEW TAPE RELEASE limited copies 
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"I'm very much honoured to introduce you to my friend Marta Zapparoli's new tape release on idiosyncratics. Marta is a genuine sound adventurer, a wild performer and an inspired (and inspiring) human being. I'm thrilled to finally release those two beautiful pieces of radical sound experimentation. Oh and the artwork is mine btw. Feel free to show support and order her tape /digital album! Thanks for your patience Marta! "   

 Text :  by Yannick Franck 

                          Idyosincratic Record 2014: 

"Cult Berlin figure, noise diva, fierce experimentalist, cassette tape maniac, field recording adventurer , Marta Zapparoli is back with another stunning work!! ‪#‎Tape‬ ‪#‎FieldRecording‬ ‪#‎MusiqueConcrete‬ ‪#‎ChaosMagick‬"

By  Yannick Franck


 "TOWA" release : Marta Zapparoli & Julie Rousse


mercoledì 30 ottobre 2013

frame from video by Nicolas Wiese ,Kindl Brauerai sound intervention 2015

" Without the outside world I cannot create my sonic-scapes, it is an endless of informations which stimulate my imagination, creativity, awareness, allowing me to enter into boundless territories.
All my work is dedicated to my father Giuseppe Zapparoli aka GiZap, self-taught musician and composer which has always supported my ideas, research and music in many ways " 

Marta Zapparoli is an Italian experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, explorer, self-taught researcher based in Berlin from 2007.
She was educated in soprano saxophone at the early age
of 14 years old and in Academy of fine arts (sculpture) in Bologna (Italy)
She was also very much active in experimental theater, dance, performance and radio. In the past fourteen years her project it is mainly focused on real-world sound, acoustic ecology, noise pollution and progressively in spectral signals and Natural Radio phenomenas.

"The sounds and information around us stem from a variable and immersive environment.
Some of these unwanted environmental sounds and signals are constant and repetitive. 

Particular compounds are invariably too low or high for the sensory human frequency response to detect, so are ignored by our cognition .
Other, more audible, sounds cannot all be handled by our everyday waking consciousness, and over and below specific thresholds all this acoustic information becomes polluted.  This acoustic pollution can disrupt humans in many different ways: Any unwanted sound that our ears have not been built to filter can cause problems within the body and so on.."

Having worked for many years with the acoustic ecology , noise pollution and vibration sound, Marta changed Her way of listening, tried to find sounds by breaking and interrupting the usual/predictable moving trajectories within and between spaces, as well as through different methods of spatial and temporal definition/reduction of the recording area , to listen to acoustic pollution and to be able to extrapolate properties and useful parts of the noise source during Her out door recordings .

She use an array of techniques, devices and some microphones in analogue media.
For instance devices included ultrasonic microphones, electromagnetic field detectors, Trans radio receiver LW, SW, and VHF, UL,VLF receivers, hydrophone, antennas, and sensor microphones, some of which are self-built.  All these tools are important to develop her ongoing "Inaudible Sound" project, running since 2014.

She is interested in record sound sources as varied as giant and very small objects, machines, nature and its cataclysms, the urban environment, unexplored  spaces, natural sound effects, nullified and abandoned places, unpredictable movements, (defect) technologies, but also some more unconventional environments like fluids, natural radio phenomena, Spectral and electric signals, ultrasonic detection, wide-band or wireless communication, EMF detection, ground vibrations and dynamics, conductive surfaces.

Her main influence is the sonic environment, acoustic ecology,  Radio Nature VLF (electromagnetic signal emissions which originate from natural phenomena) and noise pollution that may harm the activity or balance of human and animal life , for instance ( transportations systems, motor vehicles, aircraft and navy comunication, trains, machines and more.)
It 's an endless source of information which is fundamental in creating her sound scape collage.

Her personal experience and awareness throughout the recording process and time is fundamental for the development of Her research. The selected moments and spaces She have recorded, all interrelate through this process.
In her performance, She is working with analogue media, analogue phonography has led to some sort of metallurgy of sound, made sound malleable and mutable and this fits Her working method so well . With digital sound processing, this is not possible.

Marta utilize analogue tape recorders and reel to reel tape machines due to the significance of the physicality, risk and potential imprecision involved, the different impact and freedom of handling which these machines can offer; the background noise , the rough sound ; its chemical-physical characteristic; her
 particular love, the trait of the magnetic tape to change quality after longtime use, the different quality of listening , particularly in the low-end frequencies for instance.

There is a certain warmness in the bass, and the lack of digital compression allows for a more realistic sense of dynamics and space. The sound quality of the tape reflects the vision of sound, the idea of materiality that She have towards the sonic environment of the outside world.

The way She work with sound and noise is a rough handling and assembly of the recorded material transformed into strongly narrative sonic pieces through improvisation with real-time tape manipulation as scratch, back and forth, cutting, mixing producing rough sounds.
For instance, when She scratch on tape, beyond separate forms, there is a continuous development of form, and beyond variable matter, a continuous variation of matter, in short to bring out the life proper to matter.

Through live performances, this sound material is transformed and placed into other contexts, consequently changing its original character by creating a distinct aurality and awareness of reality and the spectral signal of it.
She aim to create a visionary and dislocated perception of the external world .
She use and manipulate the same sound material that it is often ignored by our cognition, transformed in something that can capture our attention and perhaps stimulate our memories and awareness of the surrounding spectral acoustic reality which cross our bodies every day life.

Marta's new sonic research started from 2014, it is an ongoing investigation into Inaudible Sound, (Natural Radio phenomena, Spectral and Electric signals) and the possibilities to use it, convert it into an audible form to detect the hidden spectrum wave of our sonic reality, to explore spectral signals which we cannot normally hear, to perceive them and stimulate our perception and awareness of what every day life cross trough our bodies .All of this acoustics, run in parallel with the sonic world which surround us. This project going to be an ongoing futures series of sound installations, and it is all ready a part of some live performances.

Beside her solo work, Marta also has several ongoing collaborative projects:  

PRPXD (with the researcher, sound artist Martin Kuentz),
Duo (with the singer and sound artist Alessandra Eramo), 
Towa (with the sound artist Julie Rousse),
THE ELKS with (Billy Roisz, Liz Albee, Kai Fagaschinski), 
DUO (duo with the sound and visual artist Billy Roisz) , 
Spectral Vortex (with the researcher,scientist, Eleonora Oreggia aka XNAME, PAREIDOLIA (with the musician Liz Allbee), 
Duo (with the musician, composer Emilio Gordoa), 
Fahrstuhl (sound intervention project with the musician Burkhard Beins),
Trio ( with Burkhard Beins and Mario De Vega )
feat. Tom Arthurs (tp)
Benjamin Weidekamp (reeds)
Ignaz Schick (turntables, electr.)
Eliad Wagner (analog synths, electr.)
Marta Zapparoli (tapes, field recordings)
Achim Kaufmann (grand piano)
Klaus Kürvers (double bass)
Emilio Gordoa (viberaphone, perc.)
Alexandre Babel (drums, perc.)
and from 2010 She is a member of the 24 pieces Splitter Orchester in Berlin.

She was extensively featured on WDR3 Open Studio Elektronische Musik Deutschland (2011), ZDF TV (2012), and a variety of experimental radio broadcasts. In 2006 she received the MOVIN-UP Award for her field recording project An Audio Portrait of Berlin.She was giving a lecture with live performance about Her "Inaudible sound" project at Sound Studies(Mapping The Field) 2ndInternational Conference of the European Sound Stadies Association(2014)Chopenagen. 

She did residences at : EMS (Stockholm), AIR program Krems (Austria).

Ongoing Projects

Splitter Orchester from 2010 

Duo with Alessandra Eramo,from 2011

TOWA with Julie Rousse from 2012  

THE ELKS from 2015 with : Liz Allbee - Kai Fagaschinski - Billy Roisz

Spectral Vortex with Eleonora Oreggia (XNAME) from 2015 

Duo with Emilio Gordoa from 2016 :

PareiDoliA with the musicians Liz Allbee from 2016

Duo with Billy Roisz from 2015

Raven Moore with Kathrin Gunter from 2013





3 - 31 January 2017 

Residences with the ongoing project "Inaudible Sound"

@AIR residence program

 KREMS , Austria


26 February 2017  

Solo performance on air  at 20:00pm

@Audio Blast Festival 2017  


  10 March 2017 

Solo performance 
@PINK WAVES Festival
Urban Spree, Berlin (DE)

22 April 2017
Solo performance
@ Alterazioni Sonore venue BUKA
Milano (Italia)

7 May2017
Premier Duo performance with Morten J.Olsen
@ RADIALSYSTEM ,SYN/CUSSION Festival for Percussion & Electronics

Berlin (DE)

11 May 2017
Concert with THE ELKS
@ Exploratorium
Berlin , (Germany)

17 May 2017

Concert with THE ELKS
@ Blöde Mitwok, RHIZ
Vienna (Austria)

18 May 2017

Concert with THE ELKS


30 Juny 2017

Duo performance with Greta Christensen
@Stubnitz, Primal UproarII festival2017
Hamburg (DE)

23 September 2017

Duo concert - installation With PAREIDOLIA 

9 October 2017

(Czech Republic) 
10 October 2017

(Czech Republic)

11 October 2017

(Czech Republic)


New projects !!!!!!!

ongoing research, project from 2014....

My new sonic research project, begun in 2014, is an ongoing investigation into the Inaudible Sounds which constantly surround and move through us. By converting these inaudible sounds into
an audible form and detecting the hidden spectrum of our sonic reality,  I am able to explore spectral signals which we cannot normally hear and convey them to the listener ­ stimulating our perception and awareness of how everyday life literally intersects our bodies and mind.
Here is a brief synopsis of my Inaudible Sounds project:
Having worked for  many years with/in the acoustic environment ­ investigating noise pollution and vibrational sound ­ I have slowly changed my way of listening and of working with sonic material. I
currently use an array of techniques, devices, antennas and some microphones in analogue media such as ultrasonic microphones, electromagnetic field detectors, trans radio receivers, VLF receivers, antennas, hydrophones,and also sensor microphones.

My main influences are the sonic environment, acoustic ecology, underwater,air and navy communication,telegraph, VLF (Natural Radios) electromagnetic signal emissions which originate from natural phenomena, and noise pollution  (for instance signals from transportation systems, motor vehicles, aircraft, trains, machines and more.)
The effect of all this audible and inaudible frequency material ­ much of which is invariably too low or high for the sensory human frequency response to detect and which then becomes ignored by our cognition ­ can harm the activity or balance of human and animal life.  Even the extent of just the audible sounds cannot always be handled by our everyday waking consciousness, and over specific thresholds this sonic information becomes acoustic pollution.  This acoustic pollution can disrupt humans in many different ways:  any unwanted sound that our ears have not been built to filter may cause problems within both the body and psyche.
Yet these materials also provide an endless source of information which is fundamental to creating my sound scape collages. Some of these unwanted environmental sounds and signals are constant
and repetitive ­ they have elements of a music which can be utilized.  I use and manipulate this same sound material ­ which is often ignored by our cognition ­ aiming to transform it into something that can capture our attention and perhaps even stimulate our memories, creating a deeper awareness of the second face of the surrounding spectral acoustic reality, which moves through our bodies every day of our lives as we move through the world. 


This project it is a working in progress of building DIY tape boards, to create a book of inaudible sound recordings printed on it .Physical expansion of the sound material, where the playing time and manipulation no longer depends from the machine but from direct physical and psychological approach of the performer.
Tape Board,it is an investigation on the listening process to the sound material that turn it into pure tactile matter .
Tape Board it is manually played with extended head, during my performance.      

                  Tape Board 2015 premier,with XNAME
              performance at Sonorities Festival,London


PAST Projects & Collaborations 

Electroacustic ensemble 

2009 Project with Yann Keller & Kenneth Hyttel(HappyHerpes)

2007-2009 Project with David Opetit 
(Les coulees succulentes collecttive)

2007 Collaboration with Francesco Arena

2001-2007 Founder with Giancarlo Bianchini of(HotelNuclear)collective

2003-2005 with Elena Skoko(2b1c)electronic poetry

2004 Collaboration with Norma Jeane

Playing with...

LAFM band, MATMOS band,Paul Lovens, Toshimaru Nakamura, Matthias Müller, Werner Daffeldecker, Ignaz Schick, Jeff Surak(Zeromoon records), Burkhard Beins, Vinyl Terror&Horror, Martin Howse, Sabin Vogel, Johannes Bergmark, Arnaud Riviere, Mario De Vega, Rinus Van Alebeek, Olivia Pils, Alejandra Perez Nunez, JD Zazie, , Paul Hubweber, Christian Wolfarth, Wendelin Buechler, Claiton Thomas, Lucio Capece, Kruno Jost, PanTone, Eliad Wagner, Emilio Gordoa, Klaus Kürvers, Helmut Lemke, Liz Albee, Steve Heather, Andrea Neumann, Zeena Parkis, John Duncan, LAFM band , Billy Roisz,George Lewis,Richard Skott,Hanna Hartman,Anais Tuerlinckx,Jackie Stweart and more.....    



                                 Out door recordings with VLF loop antenna 
                    during my residences at Krems (Austria) 2017

                                  Out door recordings with VHF reciver 
                  during my residences at KREMS,(Austria) 2017

                       Out door recordings with Logarithmic wide band detector
                  + loop EM antenna, Crez , Croatia 08.2016

     Out door recordings with Radio world wide reciver, air comunication,                             thelegraph,navy,  Crez , Croatia 08.2016

 Out-door recordings with Logarithmic wide band detector 
(Cemetary Crematorium,Berlin 2016)

                    Out-door recordings with VLF Loop Antenna 
                         (tempelhofer feld,Berlin 2015)

            Recordings @ Balfron tower ,London 2015

    Light & Shadows recordings 2015 with : solar cells - device - recorder

                  Recordings with Logarithmic wide band detector, Vienna 2014


  Diving-recordings with self build hydrophone, Cres 2014, photo by Mario Figallo

       Ultrasonic detector microphone,recorder, Italy 2014

             Hydrophone,pre amplifier,recorder 2014

              Long session recording, vibrations of Fire-works
 (4 sensor microphones - amplifier - recorder) 2013

TEUFELSBERG,Long session Recording days and nights, Berlin 2010 - 2011

 Recordings Around 2009

photos during 2013 recordings by Martin Kuentz 

                 Photo by Martin Kuentz 2013 


Broadcast TCFSR radio 2017 :

Interview and sound on reeboot.Fm
broadcast on KOWS-FM 

Broadcast on Musica Dispersa record

WDR3 Radio Cultur Deutchland 

Release:      (compilation 2015 with an unedeted track by my new release working in progress 2016)

UNEXPLAINED SOUND Compilation "The first annual report"
net release 2015 
TOWA(Julie Rousse & Marta Zapparoli) /Thunderstorms Instead of Sunshine/ Tape & digital 2014/

Chaotic Alterations/ Marta Zapparoli/ 2015/ Idiosyncratics/ Tape 2014 - idcs004 

Compilation/ MERZBOW - A Sonic Tribute From Berlin /Urban Art Record/ Net release 2013

Museruole Compilation 2013 / [Women In Experimental Music]/Net 2013 
CODEX / Marta Zapparoli/ 2012/ Zeromoon/ Tape & Net 2012 - Zero113

DEAD TREES VOL I / Marta Zapparoli & Varius Artists/ 2012/ NOHMAD/ 2012, Nohmad016

Live at Able Gallerie/ Marta Zapparoli/ 2012/ Audition Records /Net 2012  Ar067

A Fragment of Melodie / Marta Zapparoli/ 2010/ Idiosyncratics/ Net 2010

Digital in Berlin 2016

Link ZDF TV program:;sta#/beitrag/video/1668250/Bauerfeind-am-24.-Juni

Press - review:




Solo performances

Excerpt live @ Simultan Festival, Timisoara 2015

 Live action @ Die Destruktion night at NK , Berlin 16.01.2015 
 CREDIT : Filmed & Edited by Emilie Salquèbre 
          more infos on :


Live @ Occulto Fest , Westgermany, Berlin 2014

credit :

Live in Philadelphia @Fire Museum 2013

QUOTA;UNQUOTA 14.04.2013
Live by Marta Zapparoli

Curated by Philip Morris
Video by Jérémie Pujau
Produced by Audition Records and Salon Bruit

Quiet Que 23.02.2013
Sound Installations:  »Modulation I«(2013)
 Live-Performance by Burkhard Beins (re-make re-module)
Live-Remix-Solo by Marta Zapparoli aka Penelopex

                                              Solo Live @Emitter19.Berlin 2012
                                          video by : Elena Ziegler


Solo Live@Ausland.Berlin 11.11.11
                                      video by Seiji Morimoto

Solo perfromance in Zagreb 2008 @ KZET

Video duo projects and collaborations

Marta Zapparoli & Alessandra Eramo @SPEKTRUM 18.03.2016, BerlinVIDEO DOCUMENTATION : Alberto Duarte 

Marta Zapparoli & Alessandra Eramo video clip promotion 2015
Unperceivable sound, voice & gesture
Video by Jeremie Pujau


           Premier Zapparoli & Ezramo @ NK , Berlin 2015


Live with Alessandra Eramo @ Ackerstadt Palast, Berlin 6.11.2013 
    VIDEO: Wendelin Büchler 

Live performans with Martin Kuentz and Brutal Orgasm @ Tiefgrund Berlin 27.03.2014
video: Jeremie Pujau

                        Live PXPRD project Zapparoli & Kuentz@ Simultan Festival Timisoara 2010

live with Julie Rousse, Kruno Jost, Pan  Tone @ KSET Zagreb 2009

                        Video project Respiri - Sirio 2007
           A work by Francesco Arena    Sound track by Marta Zapparoli

            Performance "Inner Space" with Hotel Nuclear , Gambettola (CE) Italy 2002

Video performance GDA_2003_GOHATTO, Bologna (Italy) 

Video:Roberto Passuti

Past Festivals & Residencies 

2017: Residence with Inaudible Sound project
      at AIR program Krems (Austria)
      AUDIO BLAST Festival (on line festival from Nantes FR) 

2016  GEIGER Festival, Gothenburg, (Sweden)
            HIGH ZERO Festival 2016, Baltimore (USA)
      ATONAL Festival 2016, OHM Bergain, Berlin (DE) 

            Konfrontationen Festival 2016 , Nickelsdorf (Austria)

            (with THE ELKS)

            ZNFI International Noise Festival 2016
Trbovlje, (Slovenia)

            Epicurean Escapism Festival (Berlin) Germany

            Coded-Cultures-Central Festival, (Vienna) Austria

2015  JAZZFEST 2015 (Berlin), 
     (with Splitter Orchester & George Lewis)
      Huddersfield Festival (UK),
     (with Splitter Orchester & George Lewis)
      Simultan Festival 
     (Timisoara, Romania)
         Adk,  Musik Für Alle Festival ( with Splitter Orchester)
           Berlin, (Germany)
         Festival für elektronische Musik "2 Tage Strom"
         Zürich , (Swiss)
         Emitter Micro Festival 2015
         Taborkirche, Berlin         
         Sonorities Festival 2015  with Eleonora Oreggia
         (Goldsmiths,University of  London) UK
2014 Faithful festival (with LAFMS band)
        Am Wriezener Bahnhof , Berlin

    Residencies @ EMS (Electronic music studios)
    Stockholm (Sweden)
        2nd international ESSA conference: Mapping the Field
        Lecture + performance at University of Copenhagen, Denmark
       Borealis Festival(with Splitter Orchester), Bergen, (Norway)
       Maerzmusik Festival, NATURKUNDEMUSEUM 
       (with Splitter Orchester),Berlin (Germany)
      Occulto Fest , Westgermany, Berlin (Germany)

2013 DAAD Festival(with Splitter Orchester),
     Akademie der Künste ,Berlin (Germany)
      Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington DC (USA)

     A L'ARME Festival, Berlin (Germany)

     Eye for an Ear Audio/Visual Festival, NK ,Berlin (Germany)

       Transmediale Vorspiel @ Emitter Studio , Berlin (Germany)

2012 Internationale für Neue Musik Festival 

        (with Splitter Orchester), Damstädt(Germany)         

        TaktFrei Festival, Berlin (Germany)                 

        kleine field recordings Festival, Berlin (Germany)

2010 Biegungen Bend/Break Festival,Berlin (Germany)
        Simultan Festival, Timisoara (Romania)
        Ohrenstrand Festival hauptbahnhof 
       (with Splitter Orchester), Berlin (Germany)
       E25 Festival Artspace Rondeel, Maastricht (Nederland)

2009 International Noise Conference, Berli(Germany)

2008 Noise Festival KZET Zagreb (Croatia)
         SpektroOpen festival, Instambul (Turkey)
         Festival Der Ungewohnten Musik (Berlin)
         Noizemachinetourtruckersroadshow Festival,
       Copenhagen (Denmark)
         FRIV Polish-German Festival of Improvisation,   
         Poznan (Poland)

2007 Daskleinefieldrecordingsfestival (Berlin)
         Fusion Festival, AIr Field Larz (Germany)
         International Noise Summit, Frankfurt Main (Germany)
         Dienstbar-Festival, Berlin (Germany)
         Ler Soler Festival, Marseilles (France)

2005 FNAC, Torino (Italy)

2003 Distorsonie Festival, Bologna (Italy)
         Ladyfest, Hamburg MS Stubnitz (Germany)

2002 Ginnico Celeste Festival, Gambettola CESENA (Italy)

 PAST CONCERTS -------------->

2 December 2016
Duo performance with Greta Christensen
Berlin ,(Germany)

3 November 
Concert with a Electric Circuit Training Assemble 
@WABE Club
Danzingerstrasse ,Berlin (Germany)

18 November
II Premier with Liz Allbee duo PAREIDOLIA
Berlin, (Germany) 


24 November 2016
Concert @ Berlin, Splitter Music Festival
Codes of Conduct: IMO/SO Orchestra plays Pando
Composition and Conduction: Sabine Vogel
Wabe Club,Berlin (DE)

26 November 2016 
Concert with Splitter Orchester
@Ballhaus Ost,Berlin (DE)
Splitter Music Festival

The Paradox of Plenty

27 November 2016 
Concert with The Pitch – Frozen Orchestra,  Splitter
@Ballhaus Ost, Splitter Festival
Waves & Vibes

15 September 2016
Lecture about my Inaudible Sound project plus audio demonstration
@Goucher College Computer Music
Room 115 in Kraushaar
Time: 9:35am, Baltimore (USA)

15-18 September 2016
 Two days of collective Performance
@ HIGH ZERO Festival 2016
Baltimore (U.S.A)

22 September 2016

Radio Show with Jackie Stewart

@ Lost and Found at 10:00 pm USA time   

Portland, (Oregon) (USA)

24 September 2016

Duo concert with Jackie Stewart

@ Disjecta Gallery

 8317 N. Interstate  97217


25 September 2016

Trio concert with Jackie Stewart and Rich Pott (The Tenses)

@ Turn Turn Turn

Organized by Creative Music Guild

8 NE Killingsworth St.

Portland, (Oregon) (USA)

7 October 2016
 Solo performance
@ 10 year anniversary  GEIGER Festival

12 October 2016 
Concert with THE ELKS band 
@ CAVE12 
Geneva (Switzerland)

1 September 2016
 Concert  With Splitter Orchester 
@ T.B.A
Geneva (Switzerland)

3 September 2016 
 Solo performance @SPEKTRUM
Berlin, (Germany)

27 June 
Performance collaboration with Sonoscopia collective from Portugal
Berlin (Germany) 

7 June 2016
Solo performance organized by FRIM/SYD
@SKANES Konstförening Gallery
Malmö (Sweden)

2-3-4 June 2016
Solo performance
@ ZNFI International Noise Festival 2016
Trbovlje, (Slovenia)

30 June 2016
Concert With THE ELKS
@ Spektrum
Berlin (Germany) 

20 July 2016
Duo Premiere with Liz Allbee
@Der Blöder Mittwoch @ RHIZ
Vienna (Austria)

21 - 24 July 2016
Concert with THE ELKS
@Konfrontationen Festival

28 August 2016 
Solo performance 
@ Atonal Festival , NK presents.
Berlin, (Germany)

2-3-4 June 2016
Solo performance
@ ZNFI International Noise Festival 2016
Trbovlje, (Slovenia)

28 May 2016
Solo performance
@ Epicurean Escapism Festival 
Berlin (Germany)

19 March 2016 
Solo performance @ Ausland
Lychener Str. 60

18 March 2016
Duo performance with Alessandra Ezramo
@ SPEKTRUM art science community
Bürknerstr. 12
Berlin, (Germany)

3 March 2016
@Wabe Club 
Berlin, (Germany)

26 February 2016
Solo performance for the opening exibition of Wolfram Hahn
@ Atelier in  köpenickerstr. 154
Berlin (Germany)

27-28 November 2015    

Concert with Splitter Orchester and George Lewis   

@ Huddersfield Festival 2015 

Huddersfield, (England)

7 November 2015
Solo Performance
@ Loophole organized by Fraction Bruit

Berlin, (Germany)

6-10 October 2015
Solo performance  + work-shop with Martin Kuentz
@ Simultan Festival 2015
Timisoara, (Romania) 

24 October 2015
Solo performance 
@ West Germany
Scharing the stage with : (Martin Howse, Richard Scott, Dragn Duo) 
Skalinzerstr, Berlin (Germany)

19 September 2015
Trio performance - installation (Zapparoli-Beins-De Vega)
@ Kindl Brauerei curated by Quite Cue Gallery
Berlin, (Germany)


20 September 2015
concert "CIRCUIT TRAINING" project together with:

(Ignaz Shick, Emilio Gordoa, Liz Albee, Eliad Wagner,
 Klaus Kuervers,Alexandre Babel)
@ Sophiensäle, Berlin (Germany) 

 7 May 2015
Solo performance
@Emitter Micro Festival 2015
Berlin, (Germany)

9 May 2015
Concert + installation with Splitter Orchester
@ Adk,  Musik Für Alle Festival
Berlin, (Germany)

6 June 2015
Solo performance, 
@ Festival für elektronische Musik "2 Tage Strom"
Zurich, (Switzerland)

24 March 2015
Premiere for the new performance with Alessandra Eramo
sharing the stage with ( Matthias Bauer & Maria Lucchesi 
/Taku Sugimoto & Ensemble: Koen Nutters, Bryan Eubanks, Rebecca Lane,
 Derek Shirley / Toshimaru Nakamura & Katsuyoshi Kou
@ NK 
Elsnerstr, Berlin, (Germany)

10 April 2015
solo performance  "CHAOS PRIESTESS" venue
sharing the stage with (Espectra Negra, Anna Bolena,
Angelic Sintesis)
@ Urban Spree
Berlin, (Germany)

16 April 2015
solo performance
@ iklectik, sharing the stage with (xname aka Eleonora Oreggia)

Carlisle Lane,20
London, (UK)

17 April 2015
duo performance with Eleonora Oreggia
@Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music
St. James Hatcham space, Goldsmiths University of London
London, (UK)

19 April2015
Interview for Musica Dispersa record and solo live
in streaming online at
London, (UK)

24 March 2015
Premiere for the new performance with Alessandra Eramo
sharing the stage with ( Matthias Bauer & Maria Lucchesi 
/Taku Sugimoto & Ensemble: Koen Nutters, Bryan Eubanks, Rebecca Lane,
 Derek Shirley / Toshimaru Nakamura & Katsuyoshi Kou
@ NK 
Elsnerstr, Berlin, (Germany)

19 February 2015
performance premiere with the new project "THE ELKS"
(Marta Zapparoli, Billy Roisz, Liz Albee, Kai Fagaschinski)
supported by INM
Lychenerstr.60 , Berlin, (Germany)

24 February 2015
duo performance with Billy Roisz,
 @ Velack Gala'
 Vienna, (Austria)

25 February 2015
duo performance with Billy Roisz
@ quitch
Linz, (Austria)
16 January 2015
solo performance "Die Destruktion" event
@ NK
Berlin (Germany)

22 January 2015
duo performance with Julie Rousse (TOWA)
@ Les Nautes
 Paris, (France)

13 November2014
Concert in collaboration with LAFMS band from Los Angeles, USA and Berlin musicians: (Burkhard Beins, Liz Albee, Steve Heather, Andrea Neumann, plus Zeena Parkis from USA) and more....

15 October2014
Solo performance @ RHIZ, der bloede dritte mittwoch venue
in Wien, Austria

27-28-29 June 2014
Sound installation - concert duo with Martin Kuentz + Solo concert + Lecture
@ 2nd international ESSA conference: Mapping the Field
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2-3-4-5-6-7-8 June 2014
Residency with Martin Kuentz @ Elektronmusikstudion EMS
Söder Mälarstrand 61, Münchenbryggeriet
Stockholm, Sweden

1 June 2014
Concert duo with Martin Kuentz @Fylkingen 
Söder Mälarstrand 25, 
Stckholm, SE 

25 May 2014
Concert Circuit Training2 assemble with:
(Ignaz Schick, Eliad Wagner, Emilio Gordoa, Klaus Kürvers)
@ Friedhofskapelle  
Boxhagener Straße 99, Berlin

17 May 2014
TOWA duo with Julie Rousse (BIEGUNGEN supported by INM)
Lychenerstr 60, Berlin 

2 MAY 2014
Solo concert, Occulto Festival 2014
@West Germany, Berlin

27 March 2014 
Concert with Brutal Orgasm & Martin Kuentz (quartet)
Laskerstrasse 5, Berlin

23 March 2014
Concert with Splitter Orchester
@ Borealis Festival 2014
Bergen , Norway

17 March 2014

Concert with Splitter Orchester
@NATURKUNDEMUSEUM, Maerzmusik Festival 2014

13 February 2014
Duo concert With Martin Kuentz (PXPRD)
@West Germany, Berlin

6 December 2013
concert presentation with Splitter Orchester

Präsentation des Arbeitsprozesses 
(im Rahmen des 50-Jahr-Jubiläums DAAD)
@ Konzert in der Akademie der Künste ,Berlin
6 November2013
concert with Alessandra Eramo duo
@ Ackerstadt Palas, Berlin

15 November2013
Sound Installation with Martin Kuentz
@ Galerie Haus am Lützowplatz,
Lützowplatz 9, Berlin-Tiergarten

27-28 September2013
conert with Splitter Orchester 
@ CRAK Festival Des Musiques Affranchies
église Saint Merry, Paris, France 

1 October2013
Solo Live
@ Cafe Central
Borgval 14, Brussels   
3-4-5 October2013
Solo Live 
@ Sonic Circuit Festival
Washington DC, US

6 October2013
Solo Live
@ Red Room
425 E. 31st Street, Baltimore USA

7 October2013
Solo live
@ Fire Museum  c/o Highwire Gallery 
2040 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia USA

6 September2013
concert with Martin Kuentz duo
@ AUSLAND, Berlin

28 June2013
duo live with Julie Rousse
@ NK , Visual Audio Festival
Elsenstraße 52, Berlin

10 August2013
A L'ARME! Festival 
@ Radialsystem ,Berlin

12 April2013
Solo Live + interview QUOTA;UNQUOTA
@ K77 Lichtblick Kino - SALON BRUIT
Kastanienalle 77, Berlin

31 January2013
solo live for Idiosyncratics lable night
@ Loophole
Boddinstrasse 60 ,Berlin

24 February2013
Live solo remix from / sound installation REMIX MODULE by Burkhard Beins
@ Quiet Que ,Flughafenstr.38, Berlin

10 January 2013
Solo live
@ West Germany
Skalitzer Straße 133,Berlin

11 January 2013
Concert with Splitter Orchester
@ Marie Antoinette 
Holzmarktstr. 15-18 Berlin

14 December 2012
Duo project with Martin Kuentz
@ZKU – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik
Siemensstrasse 27 Berlin

1 September 2012
Elsenstr. 52/
2.Hinterhaus Etage 2 Berlin

20-21 July 2012
Concert with the Splitter Orchester + live with Matmos + Ignaz Schick
@ Darmstadt avangarde music festival
Darmstadt Germany

2 July 2012
duo with Martin Kuentz (PXPRD)@ Labor Sonor Cule 
Auguststraße 10 Berlin

22 June 2012
duo with Martin Kuentz(PXPRD)@Tapis Vert Gallery
Marseille FR

25 May 2012
solo live @ TaktFrei festival

12 May 2012
duo with Martin Kuentz (PXPRD)@ Ausland
Lychener Straße 60 Berlin

23 April 2012
solo live + Martin Kuentz + Mario De Vega @ Experimontag
Madame Claude Luebbenerstr 19 Berlin

30 March 2012
solo live @ Naherholung Sternchen
Berolinastraße 7 Berlin

21 April 2012
Live @Köpi Kino Peliculoso
Köpeniker STr. 137 Berlin

9 March 2012
Impro with Vinyl Terror & Horror @ Tiefgrund
Laskerstrasse 5 Ostkreuz

25 February 2012

solo live
kleine field recordings festival @ Emitter19 studios
Kiefholzstrasse 19., Berlin

8 February 2012
solo live @ Fraction: Bruit event
landsberger allee 54 Berlin

30 January 2012
solo live @ Sucked Orange Gallery
Emserstr 91 Neükolln Berlin

 23 January 2012
Marta Zapparoli & Alessandra Eramo duo @ Experimontag 
Madame Claude Luebbenerstr 19 Berlin

26. Nov 2011
Concert with Splitter Orchester
WABE club 
Danzingerstr 101 Berlin

23 November 2011
solo live @ Able Gallery
Hobrechtstraße 28

21.Sep.2011 um 23:05 Uhr
Penelopex sound work + interview on air in WDR 3 radio open Studio Elektronische Musik
curated by Björn Gottstein !

23 Jun 2011 -  live with PXPRD at Imeno club
Imeno. Slovenja

22 Jun 2011 – live installation with PXPRD at Metelkovamenza
Menza Pri Koritu, Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana.

22 May 2011 – live with Alessandra Ezramo @ Rassegna Sonic Slackers at Valentin Stüberl
Neükolln. Berlin

17 Jan 2011 21:30 – live with Alessandra Ezramo at Altes Finanzamt
Schönstedtstraße 7, Berlin – Neukölln

27 Nov 2010 – live with the “Splitter Orchester Berlin” at RADIALSYSTEM
Holzmarktstr 33,Berlin

26 Nov 2010 – live with Martin kuentz at “Ausland “ Biegungen Bend/Break Festival 2010
Lychenerstr 60.Berlin

12 Oct 2010 – solo live at  DIENSTBAR  Galerie ZeitZone
Adalbertstr. 79. Berlin-Kreuzberg

10 Oct 2010 - LIVE INSTALLATION At  SIMULTANFESTIVAL 2010 in Timisoara (Romania)
and here

Saturday 4th September – 21:00 live with Alessandra Ezramo at Sowieso
Weisestraße 24,Berlin Neukölln

26 Aug 2010 –  concert with “ Splitter Orchester “ at hauptbahnhof Festival 2010

23 jun 2010   22:00 with PXPRD live set  at King Kong Klub

5-6 Jun 2010  18:00-24:00  Live Installation at E25 Festival at Artspace Rondeel

4 Jun 2010  21:00 -  Live-audio installation with PXPRD at ANTJE ÖKLESUND
Rigaer Straße 71/73, BERLIN/Germany

23 May 2010  21:30 Live Installation with Twilight Claps & Thunders
 at Madame Claude  Berlin/Germany

27 Mar 2010   21:00 – live with PXPRD at l’Entropy
1 rue Consolat 13001 Marseilles/FR

25 Mar 2010
  21:00 - live with PXPRD at l’Embobineuse
11 Boulevard Boués 13003 Marseille    

 20 Mar 2010  20:00 - with PXPRD at CarloLevi club
48 rue Saint Leonard - Liège/belgium Liège,

19 Mar 2010  21:00 at Muziekcentrum Kinky Star club
 Vlasmarkt 9  Gent /Belgium

18 Mar 2010  23:00 - live with PXPRD at "de barbaar"
kortrijksepoortstraat 215 Gent /Belgium

15 Dec 2009  22:00 - Frozen Sudhaus Live Installation with PXPRD at Kindlbrauerei

23 Nov 2009   24:00 - Broadcasting Live Installation with PXPRD for Salon Bruit at Herbstradio.FM Berlin/Germany

14 Apr 2009 –  live with HappyHerpes at International Noise Conference at Wallywoods Gallery (Part II)
Wally Woods Gallery. Berlin

31 Jan 2009, 21:00 – live at loophole
Boddinstr. 60.Berlin

20 Dec 2008, 21:00 – live at Salon Petra
Hobrechtstr. 47 Berlin.

22 Nov 2008, 21:00 - Penelopex - Analog Suicide Live at Electronic Church
Greifswalder Straße 223, Berlin, DE

06 Nov 2008, 20:00 - solo live at KSET
 Zagreb /Croatia

22 Oct 2008, 20:00 -  live at SpektroOpen fest     

04 Oct 2008, 20:00 solo live at Noizemachinetourtruckersroadshow
Heke Heidestr - Doberitzer str./S-bahn hbf

28 Sep 2008, 15:00 - Penelopex + A?:xl live at "2. Festival der ungewohnten Musik"
Open air Berlin.

20 Sep 2008, 21:00 - Penelopex + A?:xl live+ Dr Nexus - vinyl terror & horror

15 Aug 2008, 20:00 - Penelopex + A:xl live at Electronic Church     
Greifswalder Straße 223, Berlin, DE

18 Jul 2008, 20:00 – Penelopex live at Noizemachinetourtruckersroadshow festival
 Copenhagen, DK

06 Jul 2008, 20:00 -Penelopex live at FRIV -
FRIV Polish-German Festival of Improvisation, Poznan PL

28 Apr 2008, 21:00 - Penelopex live at Experimontag, Madame Claude
 Lübbener Str. 19, Berlin.

25 Apr 2008, 20:00 - C.Hilton /Promute /Penelopex at Total Artspace
Lenaurstr.5 Berlin.

30 Jan 2008, 21:30 - penelopex + giovanni de donà live SONIC WARGAMES at Maria Club
An der Schillingbrücke/ Stralauer Platz 33/34  Berlin.

26 Aug 2007, 20:00 - LIVE **les coulees succulents collective**
joint-venture#30, Zentrale Randlage e.V. Schönhauser Allee 172, Berlin, DE

02 Oct 2007, 21:00 - Live les coulees succulentes collective PenelopeX, DaviD*OpP, live
Antje Öklesund, Rigaer Straße 71/73, Berlin, DE

25 Oct 2007, 20:00 - Live les coulees succulents collecttive
Kita, Berlin, DE

26 Oct 2007, 21:00 - Live Penelopex, C . Hilton, Marcelo Aguirre, Lars Feistkorn    
Salonbruit, Kastanienallee 77, Berlin, DE

12 Dec 2007, 21:00 - Penelopex, Analog Suicide
Kaffee Schmidt, Schererstraße 11, Berlin, DE

23 Dec 2007, 17:00 - Audio Portrait of Berlin - live Presentation
La Fabbrica via carducci, 47035 Gambettola, Cesena, IT

24 Aug 2007, 22:00 - Live Les coulees succulents collective 
Salon Bruit, Kastanienallee 77, Berlin, DE

10 Aug 2007, 19:00 -  Penelopex live with Rauschpartikel, Stephane Leonard
Staalplaat Record Store, Berlin, DE

30 Jun 2007, 01:30 - //" les culees Succulentes collective" PenelopeX // DaviD*OpP // EmaLoT live at Fusion Festival
AIr Field Larz, DE

29 Jun 2007, 22:00  ////"Audio portrate of Berlin" field recording live set at Fusion Festival
AIr Field Larz, DE

19 Jun 2007, 21:00 - International Noise Summit 2007 -

16 Jun 2007, 20:30 - Penelopex Live at Dienstbar-Festival
Martin-Luther-Kirche Fuldastrasse 50-51, Berlin, DE

09 Jun 2007, 20:00 - Live "les coulees succulentes collective "
DATA, Marseilles, FR

08 Jun 2007, 09:00 - live les coulees succulentes collecttive
 PenelopeX // DaviD*OpP // EmaLoT

14 March 2007, 21:00 - PenelopeX  live with Border Line Noise,
 WELTEMPFAENGER Disco Mafia, Genova, IT

20 Feb 2007, 21:30 - PenelopeX //EmALot / live
Electronic Church, Greifswalder Straße 223, Berlin, DE

28 Jan 2007, 20:00 - EmaLoT vs Rober U, DaviD*OpP, PenelopeX
joint-venture#25, Zentrale Randlage e.V. Schönhauser Allee 172, Berlin, DE

16 Jan 2007, 21:30 - Penelopex , EmALot Live
Antje Öklesund, Rigaer Straße 71/73, Berlin, DE

 31 Dec 2006, 22:00 - penelopex - Field Recordings Live Set
Wendel / NSPT, Schlesische Strasse 42, Berlin, DE

15 Dec 2006, 22:00 - " Audio Portrate of Berlin '06 – Penlopex live
Ausland - Lychener str.60, Berlin, DE
Supported by GAI - Associazione per il circuito dei
Giovani Artisti Italiani/ PROGRAMM MOVIN 'UP 2006

01 Dec 2006, 21:30 - EmaLot/ruber u penelopex Live
Wendel / NSPT, Schlesische Strasse 42, Berlin, DE

03 Nov 2006, 22:00 - penelopex - Field Recordings Live Set
Wendel / NSPT, Schlesische Strasse 42, Berlin, DE

Previous shows with 2B1C band 2003-2005

ZÜRICH (CH) 5/04/2003 World's End Gallery
BOLOGNA(IT) 12/04/2003 Distorsonie Festival, Link –
HAMBURG (DE) 22/08/2003 Ladyfest Hamburg MS Stubnitz
BOLOGNA (IT) 6/12/2003 Soniq TPO
BOLOGNA (IT) 13/05/2004 Modo Infoshop
FAENZA (IT) 24/09/2004 Museo
TORINO (IT) 13/03/2005 FNAC. Streaming: Radio Clapas, 93.5 FM
in Montpellier, France ( K Centrale,

Exhibitions/sound lives and performances with Hotelnuclear collective from 2002 in Italy:
VIDIA (Cesena) 
NGDM (galleria a Ravenna) 
INDIE (Cervia) 
WADADA (Rimini) 
GRATIS (Senigallia)
LINK (Bologna) 
COCORICO (Riccione) 
VELVET (Rimini)
antiproibizionista Bologna 
ELETTRO+ (Firenze) 
Errata Corpora, event
organization and coordination by Channel 83 
Ginnico Celeste Festival(Gambettola)CESENA
InfoModo book store (Bologna) 
L'Oreal Accademy, Act Out event/exibition (Roma).

    Sound Itervention at Kindl Brauerai with Burkhard Beins & Mario De Vega  ,organized by Nicolas Wiese 
     (Quite Cue Gallery) ,Berlin 09.2015          photos video frame:Nicolas Wiese

                       Solo performance @ Urban Spree , Berlin 2015

    Solo Performance (Inaudible Sound project, step 2)at RHIZ ,Vienna 2014
                                            Photo credit : Arnold Haberl

   Live performance @ESSA Conference2014, Copenhagen , photo : Jeff Benjamin

        Lecture about: (The Significance of Tape & Inaudible Sound)
             @ESSA Conference 2014, Copenhagen ,photo: Kate Donovan

         Live performance about Inaudiblesound project
                @ ESSA conference , Copenhagen, june 2014, photo: kate Donovan


Solo Live @ RED ROOM, Baltimore US 2013

Solo Live @Sonic Circuits Festival ,Washington DC 2013


Live performance @emitter studio 19 - Transmediale Vospiel Berlin 2013

 Live solo remix of Burkhard Beins REMIX-MODULE Sound Installation @ Quiet Que, Berlin 2013

          Photo: by Martin Kuentz
          Live-Performance @ QUOTA;UNQUOTA ,Salon Bruit Berlin 04.2013 

  Recordings with underwater mic - detector - Croatia 2012

  Live performance @ Able gallery - Berlin 2011

             Live Performance @ RAUM 20 - Berlin 2010

     Live Performance @ KINKY STAR - Gent (Belgium)2010

             Live Performance @ Zaitone Gallery - Berlin 2010

             live Performance @ Kindl Brauerei - Berlin 2009

           Live  Performance @ Zentrale Randlage - Berlin 2007

photo by Tom Kindermann

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